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Shareholders Agreement

Read this detailed agreement before completing the Food Box Order Form

So we are on the same page, Please read this detailed agreement before completing the Food Box Order Form.

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+7 items per week. No two weeks the same. Each week +1 new item. Over 50 unique items.

7+ Items A Week. 18 Weeks Starting Mid June. $26/Week. +50 Items/New Items Weekly. 

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Farm Gym (Workout/Share) Application


Introducing "Farm Gym". 

Limited Workout-Shares available. 

Contribute  55 hours = 1 Share

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2019 Shareholders Agreement!

Welcome to Season Four!   

Bass Lake Farms (BLF) (formerly known as Bass Lake Market Garden est.2016) is back for the 2019 growing season!  Bass Lake Farms is a local family farm owned and operated by brothers Jacob (farmer) and Noah Kearey-Moreland their aunt Ruth and cousin James. Before buying a share in the Bass Lake Farms - Community Shared Agriculture  (CSA) Food Box Program, please read, understand and accept the terms of this shareholders agreement. If you have any questions or clarifications - please don’t hesitate to contact us via email - or by phone 705 309 9669.  

A Shareholder buys a seasons worth of produce in advance -  sharing with us agriculture’s inherent risks and nature’s bounty. In past years we have produced 35, 20 and 10 shares respectively. Our 2019 goal is 60 shares! Shares are available on a first come first served basis as of December 1st and until supplies last. The Food Box Program runs for 18 weeks, starting mid June, ending mid October (specific start date, determined by spring weather conditions!). By becoming a Shareholder you form an integral link in our local food chain, supporting the critical regeneration of our local food system and economy. By spending your food dollars locally with new and young farmers growing fresh food in ecologically sensitive and culturally significant ways, you are investing in a healthy and vibrant food future. Thank you!  

Where is Bass Lake Farms?
BLF grows at the Kearey-Moreland family farm, 2520 Bass Lake Side Road East, between the 14th & 13th line of Oro-Medonte. Next door to Bass Lake Provincial Park, across from George Langman (Wildlife) Sanctuary, ~ 5 minutes from Highway 12 & Highway 11, ~8 minute drive to downtown Orillia.

How and when must I pay for the food box?
Seed capital helps us cover our many start-up costs! To secure your CSA membership we request an initial $100.00 non-refundable deposit within 1 month of completing the food box order form. This tells us you are serious and secures your place in our program. We then request the full payment by May 1st, 2019 to maintain your spot. Pay with cash or cheque - made out to “Bass Lake Farms” or e-transfer emailed to . If necessary, we can discuss more flexible payment schedules by request!

FOOD BOX OPTIONS: (Early Bird on Options 1-5… SAVE $26 on Sign ups by Feb 14th)

Option 1 = $468.00 - “Pick-up” weekly at the farm ( ~ $26 box/18 weeks)

Option 2 = $468.00 - “Pick-up” weekly in Orillia <Location TBD>

Option 3 = $513.00 - “Half Pick-Up / Half Delivery” (You pick 9 or less weeks to deliver (in Orillia/ 10km of BLF). Lettuce know the weeks you want delivered asap, at least 1 day in advance of scheduled pickup date.)

Option 4 = $558.00 - “Local Delivery” weekly in Orillia or within 10km of the farm ($31 box/18 weeks).

Option 5 =$630.00 - “Longer Distance Delivery”  weekly between 10km - 20km of the farm.
(Please note we can’t deliver more than 20km away, but will recommend you to closer growers ($35 box/18 weeks).

Option 6 (NEW!) = $27.00 - $459.00 - “Flexible Season” - Pre-select the quantity and weeks of your boxes to fit your busy schedule during the season. ($27 box / # weeks selected) (Add $5/box for local delivery or $9/box for long distance delivery). 

Waiting List or mid season sign ups
After 60 shareholders sign up, additional inquiries will be placed on a waiting list, at which point we will assess whether or not production capacity exists to accommodate additional shares. If there is capacity, new shareholders may join mid season by paying the regular per box value multiplied by number of weeks remaining.

Work off and Work out for your food box! Introducing Bass Lake Farms “Farm Gym”
We have capacity for 5-10 seasons passes to Farm Gym. We will exchange ~1 full seasons share for ~55 volunteer hours. This works out to about 3 hours a week for 18 weeks. (See Farm Gym Application here)

Shareholder’s Duties for Success - Ensure food safety and quality, save time and resources:

1. Food Storage: Upon arriving home, immediately unpack food box and deploy good food storage and handling techniques to maintain food quality/shelf life and food safety - i.e. please do not let produce rot in the box! (ask us for more details) 

2. Clean/Rinse/Wash/Dry/Return Food Box weekly. Allow the box to breathe & keep it safe! 

3. 48 Hours Notice - If unavailable for food box pick up or not home to accept a delivery please give us 48 hours notice through text or email. OR designate alternate pickup person/drop off spot. 

4. Bee on thyme & Check BLF emails for updates. Mark down all scheduled pick up/drop offs asap, check our weekly emails for news, recipes and invitations! Send us your fav recipes! 

What’s in a box and how many will it feed?
Our food boxes are respectable and depending on your appetite, potentially provide the weekly fresh food needs for 1-3 people (see images of boxes here).  We aim to provide between 7 and 14 unique items per box, each including some combination of roots, greens, herbs, fruits, flowers, salad mixes, sprouts and other wild farm foraged foods, including heirloom, rare and experimental crops. Each week we aim to include at least 1 new item. Harvested fresh for you - all box contents are grown by us on the farm, unless otherwise indicated (we may supplement your box with nice fruits/produce etc. from other local food producers if we are short that week).

We hope you’ll bee pleasantly surprised with what you get from week to week, and to an extent, are open to suggestions from our shareholders based on your tastes and interests - if you won’t or can’t eat a given item, lettuce know! Our produce, at our stand and at other outlets will be fairly priced, as compared with other local food producers and local markets.

Support Bass Lake Farms in other ways!
Now that you have read the Shareholders Agreement, you may be thinking to yourself, “perhaps a box is not for me this season”. That’s cool! There are many other ways to support the Bass Lake Farms by joining with our extended family and growing community. For starters, consider joining our casual volunteer program. Also, from time to time we will be hosting special cultural and educational food and farm related events, celebrations, tours, as well as maintaining a farmstand to sell our surplus produce to neighbours, campers, and anyone interested. Sometimes you may find us popping up at farmers markets in the area or you might just find our produce at other local retailers and restaurants.  Have ideas for us, get in touch!

You share in the rewards and risk:
Gardening one week in tshirts and the next, shovelling snow in winter coats! Naturally the bounty depends on Mother Nature and recent seasonal shifts suggest we are in for a wild ride - all the more reason to support a local and ecologically sound food system! By agreeing to this Shareholders Agreement you agree to support us through thick and thin, sharing in the inherent risks of agriculture (poor weather, drought, crop loss, etc.) and rewards (organic, exceptionally fresh vegetables, the bounty of a good season, supporting a vibrant local economy etc.). Consequently, we can make no guarantees on the exact amount or type of produce available for your weekly food box. However, in the event of a major crop failure, within our means, we will look to supplement your box with produce from other local growers.

I want to become a Shareholder - Now what?
Please fill out the 2019 Food Box Order Form below to become a Shareholder! Once we have received your request we will follow up with more instructions.

Stay in touch, learn more - sign up for our email newsletter! Subject line “Newsletter” Email . Like and follow us on Facebook , Instagram @basslake.farms and Twitter. 

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