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Farm Gym - A Briefing

Bass Lake Farms' Farm Gym

Harvesting our super special salad mixes on a beautiful fall morning!

Hello & Welcome to "Farm Gym"!

Bass Lake Farms is a smaller scale family owned and operated farm near Bass Lake in Oro-Medonte. BLF has a few spaces available to trade fresh produce for hands on help to community members looking to access healthy, outdoor physical activities, learn more about ecological food production and to contribute more meaningfully to their local food economy and community.

Who’s involved?
Jacob, farmer and co-owner of Bass Lake Farms will be primary contact for all Farm Gym members . Members will work alongside Jacob and other professionals from time to time to determine appropriate schedules, work outs, and supports to enhance Farm Gym experience.  Physiotherapists, nutritionists, yoga instructors and other physical health and movement specialists are available in our wider community for consultation and additional support to ensure we are farming in physically safe, ergonomic and effective ways.

What’s the Farm Gym all about?
Work Out. Grow Foa realFor a contribution of a minimum of 55 hours, (~3 hours/week for 18 weeks), participants earn a share of produce roughly equivalent to that available through the Community Shared Agriculture Food Box program. Like a Gym, but on a working farm, the Farm Gym is just as it sounds, a place to go and work out, make friends, learn new skills and appreciate healthy active natural living. Farm Gym workouts evolve with the seasons and are custom suited to individuals of varying ages and physical abilities. As much as possible we integrate a diversity of physical activities during each Farm Gym workout. Not everyone wants to weed or pick beans or do anything for 3 hours straight!

What’s in a box? 

Farm Gym members are invited to pick your own (PYO), unless present during regular harvest cycles. Since they may be contributing hours outside of our regular harvest schedule, there will be greater flexibility in terms of quantities and types of items available, so that each Farm Gym Member has a greater say in what they take home to meet their satisfaction.

Scheduling and Accountability:
A mutually agreed upon schedule (set or flexible) is determined asap. The season starts as early as May 1st, running until Nov 1st. Farm Gym Members are responsible for tracking hours and keeping up with communications.

Comfort and Logistics:
Farm Gym members need to bring their own reusable water bottle, which can be filled from the farmhouse with clean well water. Please come prepared with weather appropriate footwear, clothing and gloves. There is currently a portable and public bathroom located at the neighbouring wildlife sanctuary, and BLF is looking at developing an on-farm bathroom, as the septic tank in the farmhouse is broken and unavailable to farm visitors.

Liability and Labour Standards : 

Farm Gym members must review and sign a liability waiver acknowledging and accepting the risks of manual farm labour, and absolving Bass Lake Farms and it’s partners from liability. We wish to provide a safe and joyful working and living environment for all of our Partners, Employees, Interns, Farm Gym members, Casual Volunteers and the general public so we appreciate any feedback or concerns you may have regarding your on farm experience.

I’d rather be a “casual volunteer”!
Casual Volunteers, are similar to Farm Gym members in so far as they volunteer their time and efforts on the farm, in exchange for various other benefits including friendship, education, time in nature and in the garden, surplus seeds, seedlings, produce and events. Volunteers can set a schedule of when they’d like to come out to the farm, or if they’d prefer to come less frequently or at randomized times, that is also possible. While we have limited spaces available for our Farm Gym program, we do not have a limit on the amount of casual volunteers. Please email us at if you'd like to bee a casual volunteer!

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